‘Summer Solstice’ by Chantelle Clark

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Chantelle Clark (@ceceart) is a U.K based artist who attended the University of Greenwich where she obtained a BA in Digital Arts Practice. Her collection ‘Summer Solstice’ reflects Chantelle’s personal lived experience and is inspired by nature.

CC: “My work is usually inspired by music, and driven by my mood, emotions, and heavily influenced by nature. A Lot of the themes vary, but are primarily focused on self development, spiritual and personal growth, healing from difficult past traumatic events that have shaped me as a person. I wanted my work to evoke peace, serenity, self discovery and excitement of new beginnings. As well as anything I’m feeling at the time, it’s a clear reflection of my state of mind. Art is my own personal method of therapy when I’m experiencing both good and bad emotions, and my own way of escape. I wanted to create artwork that had the same effect for others who are going through a difficult time, and to hopefully experience the same peaceful state of mind through my work.”

Summer Solstice, Chantelle Clark
Summer Solstice, Chantelle Clark

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