‘We are Angry’ by Natalia Glaz

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Natalia Glaz (@nglaz) is an MA Graphic Design student from Poland. Her piece ‘We are Angry’ was created in response to the Polish government’s near total-ban on abortion. Natalia’s illustration shows that night and day, they are angry.

/Trigger Warning: R*pe, Incest/

NG: “The announcement led protesters to gather again in Warsaw and other cities as of last Wednesday. Abortion in my home country will only be permitted in cases of r*pe, incest or when the woman’s life is in danger. However the 2019 statistics show, that 98% of abortions in Poland were carried out on the grounds of foetal abnormalities. We, the Polish women, are VERY ANGRY!”

‘We are Angry’ Natalia Glaz

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