Above The Clouds (Day 27) by Rasheed Baruwa

Creative Collections

Rasheed Baruwa (@rbgd_ig) is a graphic designer who studied graphic design at the University of East London and has since gone on to work for many different clients. You can find more of his work on his website (www.rbgd.co.uk)

Above The Clouds (Day 27)

RB: “At the beginning of the first UK Covid-19 Lock-Down I had lost a few projects due to the new social restrictions (all my clients at the time were Events orientated). As a result, I decided to challenge myself to create a unique and original poster everyday for 30 days in order to keep my creative juices flowing.
One of my favourite posters from the collection is a piece I titled “Above the Clouds”. It’s a digital collage I created using multiple curated images and textures in Photoshop.
I wanted to express a feeling of hope and a fresh but unknown start to life. Something totally different to what we know life to be… Almost out of this world.”

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