Gosia Kozdron’s Radiant Nature Illustrations

Creative Collections

Gosia Kozdron is a London-based, freelance digital illustrator, graphic designer, and children’s book illustrator. Gosia’s illustrations ‘Jay’ and ‘Fireflies and Foxes’, submitted as part of our December theme ‘home’, form part of a larger oeuvre of beautifully bright, surreal and colourful artwork by Kozdron. Gosia graduated from London Metropolitan University with a degree in illustration in 2019. You can find more of Gosia’s work on Instagram (@gosiak_illustration) and on her website.

GK: “I created these illustrations with the thought of my grandparents. When I was younger, I would spend every summer with them. Their house was located by a forest where I would often observe birds during the day, and watch foxes play in the evenings.

With every illustration I create, I try to depict the beauty of nature and everything that surrounds us. I get inspired by wild animal and nature photography because I think it’s important to bring even more attention to the world around us and make more people aware of how beautiful nature is.  I hope that when people look at my illustrations they remember that it is up to us to keep the planet and these animals alive. I always pay attention to the smallest details and aim to create colour palettes that are challenging the normal way we view things, which I think is what makes my work more unique.”

‘Jay’ by Gosia Kozdron
‘Fireflies and Foxes’ by Gosia Kozdron

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