‘2020: The Calm Before the Storm’: An Illustration by Cassie Wardill

Creative Collections

Our final visual art submission for this month is from Cassie Wardill, a digital illustrator.

Cassie Wardill (Instagram @cassiewardilldesigns) is a recent Media Production graduate who studied at the University of Lincoln.

CW: “Since graduating I started doing freelance digital illustrations and I am a volunteer Social Media Graphic Designer for the student run brand Studenteer. I LOVE illustrating digitally. When I’m not illustrating, I love binge watching Netflix series or TV shows (Love Island is my fave), YouTube and TikTok. Information about my image: Nostalgia, to me, is reminiscing on times of joy. At the start of this year, no one expected the madness that was to come. This image depicts a close uni friend and I taking photos during pre drinks to go to Home Nightclub for New Years Eve. This was one of my final nights out I had before we knew nightclubs and night outs were going to be illegal. I have realised during lockdown how much I actually cherish something as simple as a night out with friends and enjoying freedom as a young adult!”

You can see more of Cassie’s work on her website.

Cassie Wardill ‘2020: The Calm Before the Storm’

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