‘Vintage Chic; Sisters Edition’ by Maddison Johnson

Creative Collections

Maddison Johnson a portrait photographer based in Lymington also specialising in themed and occasion shoots like Halloween and Christmas, family shoots and headshots. Maddison’s career started just over 2 and a half years ago while she was studying Education at University. You can find Maddison’s work on Instagram @mjohnsonphotography98

‘Vintage Chic; Sisters Edition’

“For this shoot we looked to go for a more ‘vogue’ vintage-chic look, but show a bond between sisters that stands the test of time, with some images showing the detail and power in each girl as an individual woman in her own right. As a collective, we envisioned the clothing to be able to give a nostalgia-themed ‘vibe’, as the colours were quite plain, and dull – the dark browns, beige and dark reds – all quite flat. Something similar to what you’d see in under developed photos. Also it gave the ability to focus on the face, especially with the older model, her face gave off a more ‘vogue’, older woman in a young woman body kind of feel.”

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