“Breath” by Luca Venerus

Creative Collections

Luca Venerus is a BMus Third Year student at Goldsmiths University and is also the President Committee and Curator at the Photography Society. He is a multi-disciplinary artist, with wide interests and backgrounds for composing music for film and electronic productions, he is an experienced former drummer and keyboard/piano player. He recently collaborated as BTS photographer, DOP assistant and extra for various short film productions. 

His academic focus at the moment is on the characterization, aesthetic and meaning of the human body, using a combination of Sonic Art Composition, Photography and Visual Art.

Taken at Peckham Rye, London, 31st May 2020 the images created on Luca’s first walk from home towards the park of Peckham Rye near his local area in South London, for the first time after the early Covid -19 lockdown. It wasn’t an easy task as he was full of worries and emotions. Initially Luca’s intention was to experiment some candid portrait with long focus lenses, so he mounted a vintage Jupiter 135mm and Pentacon 200mm and adapted it on his digital Canon 70D. Catching people’s bodies from a long distance helped him to see between their private feelings, a mix of frustration, fear and loosening up, lying on the grass or strolling under a mid-spring sunny day, keeping each other far away as the fear for new virus was at its peak level, and the panic was evident on faces. The black and white editing and a contrasted filter in post-production adds an extra layer on the dramatic feeling of the pictures.

You can see more of Luca’s work on his Instagram @lukavenerus.

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